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CancerTreatments.org  is a resource for easy-to-read information with cited sources and links to foster deeper  understanding of cancer and cancer treatments and other health topics. This  website is owned  by the High Density Corporation. Currently, there are no revenues from independent sources other than the goodwill from High Density Corporation.


The web site will have a list medical and treatment providors professionals, whose credentials are stated, as well as treatment centers but will not receive any referral fees from any listed provider for any services they contract with the readers of this site.

Any site  listed professional who publishes an article on CancerTreatments.org  is  encouraged  to disclose personal conflict  of interest regarding any endorsements made  at the bottom of the article.The professional directory that can be accessed from this website is not intended to be  a tool for verifying the credentials or qualifications of any professional it lists. Getting listed in its directory does not imply recommendation or endorsement by the owners or agents of this website, nor does exclusion or removal of a listing in its directory imply disapproval. CancerTreatments.org does not warrant or represent that its directory or any part thereof is accurate or complete for any given geographic area or specialty. This website organizes listings  by geographic and provider specialty. There is no preference or fee system in place  for any provider to procure preferred ranking or visibility on the site.


All content on the site, was reviewed by Dr. Anne Newton MD. After careers in education and IT she attended Temple University School of Medicine and completed her residency at Hahnemann University Hospital. She served in the Health Service Corps and in private clinics. One of her passions has been patient education, which she is pursuing more vigorously now after retiring from 30 years of active medical practice.

This article was originally published on 7/12/2014 and last revision and update of it was 9/14/2015.